Understand How Acupuncture Alleviates Pain with Nashville Chiropractor

Acupuncture is 3,000 years old – and some people consider it to be quack medicine right alongside waving bundles of herbs around.

Truth is, acupuncture is actually safe and effective for a variety of conditions including headaches, nausea, low back pain, sciatica, tennis elbow, primary dysmenorrhoea (period cramps), etc. There’s also indications it might be good for insomnia and weight loss.

So, how does it work? We don’t actually know. Although acupuncture has been tested and demonstrated to work, the actual mechanism remains unclear. Practitioners claim that it works by unblocking the flow of ‘qi’ energy through the body, improving the body’s natural healing response. It has been proven to be more than a placebo. The best modern idea we have is that acupuncture stimulates nerves in a way that releases endorphins in the brain. It may also reduce inflammation. Another idea is that acupuncture encourages nervous system regeneration. Acupuncture has become increasingly accepted by mainstream doctors, particularly for reducing symptoms associated with chemotherapy treatment.

Acupuncture is generally not used alone – it works best as complementary medicine with other factors – these can include massage, chiropractic care, therapeutic exercise and improved nutrition. It is not a magical panacea that can cure everything. However, it can alleviate pain in many areas of the body, providing drug-free relief. It may be provided by a standalone clinic or in association with a Nashville chiropractor – more and more chiropractors are hiring in-house acupuncturists because the therapies are natural adjuncts to one another.

So, if you have chronic pain, it is worth trying acupuncture – it is proven as effective, does not involve drugs or surgery and visits generally last 20-30 minutes, resulting in immediate symptom relief and a sense of well-being. Call a chiropractic clinic that provides acupuncture and finds out what it can do for you, alone or, more likely, in conjunction with other therapies.

Batson Chiropractic Group in Nashville TN, Offers Spinal Decompression Therapy

Do you suffer from arm, leg, back, and or neck pain? Why not make an appointment for a nonsurgical, no painkiller natural approach to your spinal disc problems that lasts.

For those who do not frequent this Nashville Chiropractic services the mention of decompression therapy sounds extreme and painful. For those who do rely on regular chiropractic services already know that decompression therapy is comfortable and brings about amazing results for back pain sufferers.

Spinal Decompression offers no addictive painkillers and is a no surgical intervention providing very positive results for many back pain sufferers. Those who experience pain caused from slipped discs, herniated, protruding or bulging discs, there is a good chance that spinal decompression therapy helps you. Even after you have had surgery for these conditions, they often return. Spinal Decompression relieves spinal stenosis, numbness in the arms or legs, and facet syndrome.

Spinal Decompression offers to reduce damaged spinal disc conditions affecting the back, legs, neck, and arms. Your Nashville Chiropractor does spinal decompression through a series of distraction and relaxation of the positioning of a spinal disc in the lower back or neck. It cannot be stressed enough that this procedure is not uncomfortable or painful, how could it be, when patients are relaxed enough sometimes to doze.

Your body is unique to any other patient. You react differently to different natural health care options and in differing amounts of time frames. Not all patients respond the same to the same approaches nor do all the health care options this Nashville Chiropractor offers work the same for everyone.

If you suffer from back, neck, arm, or leg pain, you need to make your appointment as soon as possible for your free consult to see if you can benefit from spinal decompression therapy. If you are a candidate for spinal decompression, you could be pain-free that day or in the few days to follow.

Know that one session is not likely sufficient, which is why you will need follow-up appointments for at least the first month. Like we said already, “Every patient responds differently to chiropractic approaches, but in the end, most have positive results.”

Access the website of this Nashville chiropractic doctor for an in-depth explanation of the services our doctors provide to our patients.

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How Spinal Decompression Helps Locals with a Nashville Chiropractor

Spinal decompression therapy is an FDA-approved procedure that has proven highly effective in alleviating painful conditions associated with herniated or bulging discs, even after surgical intervention was unsuccessful. A Nashville chiropractor offers spinal decompression to mitigate spinal column issues, including back and leg pain, or neck and arm pain.

The procedure involves cycles of distraction and relaxation that isolate affected discs in the neck or low back. Negative pressure is placed on them, creating a vacuum effect. The vacuum pulls protruding material back within the disc and stimulates blood supply to produce a healing response.

Patients with neck or back pain that is caused, at least in part, by a damaged disc can benefit from spinal decompression. Disc-related conditions include spinal stenosis, herniated, protruding, or bulging discs, facet syndrome, or pain and numbness in the limbs.

The process is usually painless. Some patients even fall asleep during sessions. The duration of therapy plans is different for each patient, but for best results, practitioners typically recommend 20 sessions.

New technology makes the latest spinal decompression technique more customized than regular traction. Specialized computer systems constantly generate and evaluate data to adjust therapy according to the patient’s unique needs. Unlike traditional traction, the latest spinal decompression technology allows for improved spinal decompression and disc rehydration, since it eliminates muscle guarding.

Clinical evidence supports the effectiveness of current spinal decompression procedures. In one study, 10 out of 14 patients experienced a 90% reduction in disc herniations. In other research, the majority of patients reported improvements in disc health ranging from “good” (50-80%) to “excellent” (90-100%).

At their first visit, patients undergo a thorough exam in which the chiropractor takes a detailed health history and administers objective tests, such as x-rays, to determine underlying causes of pain. After the exam, the practitioner suggests passive therapies that can be done in-office and at home to achieve some degree of pain relief before follow-up visits begin. The Nashville chiropractor utilizes innovative spinal decompression technology and takes a well-rounded approach to helping patients achieve optimal health.

Discover Your Best Health with Braincore Therapy with Nashville Chiropractor

Alternative therapy is fast becoming a more popular health care option than traditional medicine. Alternative medicine’s popularity is seeing increasing numbers of traditional doctors working hand in hand with alternative medical practitioners, like this Nashville chiropractor, thus creating “Integrative Medicine.” The reason for this is, it is cost effective, causes no pain or discomfort, patients feel well after treatment, no risks to the body, no addiction, and methods are effective.

Alternative methods for healthcare cover a broad range of options. You can find these options offered by professionals such as,

  • Physical Therapists
  • Chiropractors
  • Herbalists
  • Holistic Physicians
  • Traditional Doctors educated in the field alternative practices

The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine or NCCAM categories complementary medicine as,

  • Biologically based practices
  • Manipulative and body-based practices
  • Energy medicine
  • Mind and body medicine
  • Whole medical systems

The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine or NCCAM categories complementary medicine as, biologically based practices, manipulative practices, mind and body medicine, and holistic medicine.

Practitioners do not provide all options so you must check with your practitioner to see what they offer. One such option is called brain core therapy.

Brain Core Therapy is another word for Neurofeedback, Neuro-Therapy, or biofeedback. This method of treatment is known as EEG, used as real-time displays of your brain’s activity, teaching you self-regulation of your brain function.

The reason for the use of Brain Core Therapy is to provide to you biofeedback to help improve your brainwaves. This method has proven to decrease and sometimes eliminate the symptoms of anxiety, migraine headaches, and stroke victims, brain injury victims, learning disorders, insomnia, ADHD, depression and more.

When you present an irregular brain wave, it is from pressure and tension on your nervous system which makes perfect sense since your nervous system runs through your spinal column. When a vertebra slips out of place, it presses on this nerve. Slipped Vertebra is very common and easy to fix without undue pain or discomfort.

Make an appointment with this Nashville Chiropractor for your free initial consult to see if you are a candidate for this health care option.

Learn How a Nashville Chiropractor Alleviates Neck Pain

A Nashville Chiropractor can truly alleviate all forms of neck, shoulder and head pain. With years of extensive medical experience, local chiropractors have the tools to help restore optimal mobility and flexibility. Whether due to whiplash, stress, or injuries – neck pain can severely restrict movement and even leave busy professionals out of pocket.

While braces are traditionally worn to help align the neck muscles, pain relievers are also prescribed to tackle nerve, joint and tendon distress. Therapeutic massages are also pivotal in stimulating blood flow and circulation, which helps ease the neck and restores normalcy to the body.

If you are dealing with chronic or recurring neck pain, this may be a sign of something more serious. As a result, local chiropractors perform a battery of tests to help pinpoint and identify underlying issues. While it can be as simple as a bump or swelling due to sports injuries, local doctors also combat neurological problems and unusual growths as well.

Remember, even the slightest neck tension should never be ignored or dismissed. Nashville Chiropractic firms are committed to excellence in helping all patients regain their mobility and lives. However, the first step is for you to contact any local clinic and make an appointment at once.

Neck pain can also emanate from daily tension and stress. In fact, anxiety can truly impact the neck and other muscles throughout the body as well. Your Nashville Chiropractor can help teach you relaxation exercises, along with ways to control your breathing. These simple techniques can truly reduce neck discomfort, while helping you regain focus as well. If you are ready for the best neck pain management services in Nashville, simply contact local physicians for complimentary consultations today!

Batson Chiropractic Group in Nashville TN, Provides Solutions for Traumatic Brain Injury

Traumatic brain injuries cause a variety of symptoms and are extremely difficult to resolve. In many cases, doctors are forced to take a wait and see approach, seeing if the brain can heal itself.

Symptoms of a mild traumatic brain injury include – transient confusion or disorientation, loss of memory of the injury, brief loss of consciousness, seizures, irritability, headaches, nausea, etc. Most patients report that symptoms go away within seven to ten days, but this is based off of self reporting, and it is not uncommon for a concussion victim to believe they are perfectly fine whilst being, for example, unable to remember a planned trip or tell what day of the week it is.

Traumatic brain injuries are most often seen in athletes and military veterans, but can also happen after a slip and fall injury or a car accident. So, can Nashville chiropractic care help? Batson Chiropractic Group says – absolutely. Chiropractors often find that auto accident victims they are seeing for whiplash also have mild concussion.

Batson Chiropractic Group can help patients recover in two ways. First of all, a head injury often results in subtle misalignments of the neck and skull. These misalignments can interfere with nervous system flow and thus slow healing. They can also be a cause of headaches on their own. The second is that they offer BrainCore, a neurofeedback system designed to help restore brainwaves to their normal patterns.

BrainCore works by connecting the patient to a computer by using non-invasive electrodes (a cap worn over the head) and having them play games or watch animations that are “corrected” by the correct brainwave patterns. This helps the brain reprogram itself after an injury.

Patients who have suffered a concussion should call Batson Chiropractic Group for an initial consultation and to find out how they can benefit from chiropractic care and/or BrainCore.

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