Spinal Decompression after Surgery with a Chiropractor in Nashville TN

Spinal decompression therapy is designed to relieve back and/or leg pain. In fact, this procedure utilizes techniques that help stretch the spine on traction tables. This is done via motorizes devices, which help realign the spinal column and cord to proper settings. As a form of non-surgical therapy, spinal decompression is heavily utilized by chiropractors for post-op surgical care.

Surgical spinal decompression is also known as laminectomy and/or microdiscectomy. These surgical procedures are performed on patients when all other pain alleviation techniques and services have failed. However, surgery patients may still require therapeutic massages after these procedures are done. Again, this is to ensure the right spinal settings and posture during post-op healing.

With years of extensive experience, chiropractors can offer spinal decompression services for post surgery patients. This includes non-surgical massage therapies and adjustments, along with actual corrective surgeries for the spine. They also explain each care facet to patients to give them the peace of mind they deserve.

Spinal decompression is the perfect way to alleviate pain and restore optimal mobility after a surgery. It is also designed to secure maximum spinal flexibility, which is needed for everyday activities and chores. In fact, the spine not only controls our movements via the central nervous system, but even affects walking as well. If the spine is compressed due to nerve impact or accident-related injuries, it can be next to impossible to walk or function at normal levels.

These techniques play an instrumental role in pre and post-op spinal care. They are also a vital part in helping patients feel connected to their bodies again. For more information on the benefits of spinal decompression after surgery, you can either access the Web and research how spinal decompression techniques are administered or simply speak to your local chiropractor.


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