Chiropractic Tools That Can Help With Disc Degeneration With a Chiropractor in Nashville TN

One of the main symptoms of degenerative disc disease is back pain which can be attributed to degeneration within the spinal joints and thinning, or degeneration of the discs and spinal stenosis. This causes pain in the legs as well as the back. A chiropractor can pinpoint complications caused by disc degeneration and can work to reduce pain using a number of techniques.

Steroid Epidural Injections

This effective but temporary technique uses steroids which are delivered to the spine in the epidural space in order to relieve pain experienced in the lower back. The goal of the chiropractor here is to inject fluid around the dura sac in order to reduce inflammation caused by disc degeneration. Application of this therapy typically occurs three to four times per year.

Psychological Tools

A chiropractor may recommend the use of cognitive therapy as a method to relieve back pain due to disc degeneration. Relaxation techniques include meditation, yoga and Pilates. The use of biofeedback which is a non-drug approach that will educate the patient to used the mind to control responses to body functions such as relieving muscle tension and lowering the pulse in order to relax.

Manual Chiropractic Manipulation

Lower back pain can be relieved by reducing the pressure placed on neurological tissue via manual chiropractic manipulation. As a result, circulation in the body is improved, muscle tension is reduced and the range of motion increases. The chiropractor can restore movement by identifying joints that move in an abnormal way and will employ the use of trigger point therapy to place pressure on areas of the body that present a tight, painful point deep within the muscle.

Flexion Distraction Technique

This gentle, pain-free technique is used by many chiropractors to address pain experience in the back and neck due to disc degeneration. The reduction in pressure in the disc and on spinal nerves increases circulation and causes an improvement in nerve communication bringing the patient great relief.

Addressing degenerative disc disease depends upon the needs of the individual and may include a variety of methods that will help to prevent the progression of degeneration and restore daily life activities. By working closely with a qualified chiropractic technician, a comprehensive plan of care can be established and the journey to recovery can begin.


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