Batson Chiropractic Group in Nashville TN Now Offers Acupuncture to Patient

Pain Management Solutions with Professional Acupuncture

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Nashville, TN – May 22, 2017 –

Batson Chiropractic Group now offers acupuncture in Nashville! Acupuncture is an ancient holistic health technique that stems from traditional Chinese medicine practices. This technique utilizes medicinal needles that target specific points in the body and helps alleviate pain and tension. The process has been proven to stimulate blood flow and oxygen levels in the body as well. This alternative mode of back and neck care is relatively pain-free, and designed to restore optimal mobility and flexibility for patients of all ages.

Batson physicians are committed to excellence in all pain-management services and techniques. With their new 5,000 square feet facility and the latest in acupuncture technologies, patients are guaranteed immediate solace and relief with any procedure including acupuncture. In fact, acupuncture is great for patients dealing with obesity, varicose veins or lack of oxygen and blood flow in the body. Similarly, this ancient and heralded technique also stimulates the body by applying pressure at the right points. The result is a complete feeling or revitalization, rejuvenation and complete restoration of mobility and balance.

The Batson Group is proud to add acupuncture to its many fine and affordable services. Whether dealing with scoliosis, spinal alignment issues or nerve tension, this technique can truly help patients get their lives back. With a dedicated team of personal trainers, licensed therapists, massage therapists and now acupuncture professionals, the clinic offers a comprehensive and cohesive way to eradicate back pain and restore optimal normalcy and functionality. From automobile accidents and sprains to bulging discs or wrenched backs, Batson looks forward to helping patients lead pain-free and healthier lifestyles. To schedule a complimentary consultation or appointment, simply contact the clinic today or visit their website for more information.

Contact Information:
Batson Chiropractic Group
2517 Lebanon Pike
Nashville, TN 37214
Phone: (615) 751-0958
Fax: (615) 883-9906


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