Batson Chiropractic Group in Nashville TN Offers The MyoKinesthetic Technique To Patients

MyoKinesthetics is a technique that relaxes the muscles and finds the source of pain using a massage therapy approach. It is offered at Batson Chiropractic Group in Nashville, TN.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Nashville, TN – March 20, 2017 –

The Batson Chiropractic Group offers the MyoKinesthetic technique to patient that need therapy for pain, range of motion work, repetitive injuries, and other issues. It is a form of massage or a muscle movement technique that balances the body’s posture and aligns the nerves. It reaches the specific muscle that is involved with causing pain. This technique does not require the patient to undress and no special products are used. Sessions last for about 30 minutes and this Nashville Chiropractic team gear the session toward reducing your pain. It is often done with massage therapy.

The MyoKinesthetics System

This technique works because it goes to the source of your pain the muscles and nerves and helps relieve it. The number of sessions a patient needs vary, depending on the level of pain and the muscle location. Dr. Batson and his staff work hard to create balance in the body so you will have a full range of motion in your arms, legs, neck, joints, and muscles. They want to relieve the pain in your muscle tissue, and help you move freely again.

This professional staff knows that everyday living provides slips, fall, repetitive movements, accidents that cause injuries, muscles pulls, and hurt joints. Your body might have tight muscles in one area and loose and relaxed ones in another area. This leads to an imbalance in the muscles in the body leading to injury. Posture is often one of the first signs of the imbalance. Bad posture shows the nervous system and muscles are not working properly.

Some patient suffer from constant pain in their back, neck, arms, legs, or headaches. When you injure your back or legs the body must compensate and often this produces pain. When no treatment is received for the pain often poor posture and bad habits develop that only cause more damage. With these sessions the staff begins with a complete medical history and history of the injuries, medications, and surgeries. They test the muscle for range of motions and stretch them. They stimulate the muscles with gliding motions, or rubbing techniques. They do this along the muscle path on both sides of the body where injury or pain is located.

This method allows the muscle memory to heal and the nerves to communicate with the brain. When you stand up changes are made and the brain recognizes this. Call your local Nashville Chiropractic office to learn more about the MyoKinesthetic Techniques and how it can help you.

Call us at 615-751-0958 today to learn more.
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Address: 2517 Lebanon Pike,
Nashville, TN 37214
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