Learn How Chiropractic Care Alleviates Ear Infections from a Nashville Chiropractor

A Nashville chiropractor knows about the many benefits of chiropractic care for alleviating ear infections. Parents who are interested in treating your child’s ear infection naturally, without the use of antibiotics, will be interested in this topic. A chiropractor can assess your child’s spine, perform the adjustments needed for improving the function of the nervous system, and offer some lifestyle suggestions for reducing stress on the child’s nervous system.
Fully 40% of children have at least one bout, and frequently many bouts, with an ear infection (otitis media) before their fifth birthday. In addition to having an acute ear infection, your child may also suffer from headaches, fever, listlessness, and irritability, which might lead to other complications, as well as hearing impairment.
After an initial evaluation, a Nashville chiropractor may employ a “low force” technique called the Activator Method. This involves a spring-loaded handheld adjusting instrument that can deliver a low-force, consistent, high-speed thrust to the spine. Because this instrument is so fast, the child’s body doesn’t have any time to tighten up, and that allows these adjustments to be both effective and comfortable. At each subsequent visit, the child may be carefully monitored for signs of improvement or any problems.
A Nashville chiropractor is trained to find any structural issues that may underlie an ear infection. Your child might have a spine misalignment that could cause muscle tightness in either the back or neck that stops the nervous system from communicating with the inner ear. This misalignment may compromise the ability of the ear to correctly drain infected fluids to defend itself from infections. Blocked inner ear drainage can cause fluid to accumulate inside the ear.
A chiropractor can employ a conservative and gentle approach to relieve chronic ear infections. After a complete examination, he may utilize a specific, gentle adjustment to remove any source of nerve interference. Once your child’s nervous system is restored, he or she will be better armed to fight off subsequent ear infections and recurrent ear pain.

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