How Nashville Chiropractic Office Offers DOT Physicals for Locals

If you operate a commercial vehicle you may be required to get a DOT medical certificate.

You need a certificate if you operate a vehicle of more than 10,001 pounds across state lines, drive a vehicle that transports more than 15 passengers (again, across state lines), drive a vehicle that transports 9 to 15 passengers more than 75 miles from your regular work-reporting location or transport hazardous materials.

These physicals can be done by a doctor, at a walk-in clinic or by a Nashville chiropractor. The advantage of going to a chiropractor for your physical might not be immediately obvious. However, chiropractors have skills to work with and help with repetitive strain injuries, problems caused by sitting for long periods and often to assist with nutrition (many commercial drivers are, because of those long periods spent driving and sitting, overweight).

So, getting your DOT physical from a chiropractor is also an opportunity to check up and improve your overall health and thus your ability to drive safely. Truckers are prone to lower back pain because of the long periods spent sitting and the effects of engine vibration. Cold cabs can also cause muscle tension, leading to problems. The DOT physical itself covers vision, hearing, blood pressure, pulse rate, blood sugar and protein and a physical examination which does include checking the spine and extremities as well as such things as balance, hernias, etc. As chiropractors do these kind of exams all the time they are again, often the best people to go to. Physicals generally last 24 months.

A good chiropractor can perform your DOT physical and make the right recommendations to help you with the unique health considerations of your profession. They can also refer you to your doctor for issues such as high blood pressure which might require medication.


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