Discover Massage Therapy with Nashville Chiropractor

Chiropractic, a natural alternative to traditional medicine, alleviates a variety of health conditions. Chiropractic focuses on the health of the spine and its relationship to the nervous system. Often offered in conjunction with traditional chiropractic, massage therapy impacts the body’s 650 muscles. A Nashville chiropractor incorporates both types of therapy to help the body maintain alignment, function, and balance.

Long-standing spinal abnormalities are associated with ingrained muscle patterns. Scar tissue and muscle spasms often result. Chiropractic and massage therapy accelerate recovery by adjusting the spine and promoting healing of muscles and soft tissues, respectively.

Massage manipulates muscles and soft tissues to maximize the functioning of the body’s systems. Several types of the technique have been developed. Besides enhancing vitality and well-being, massage therapy’s many other benefits include relieving pain in muscles and joints, eliminating excess fluid retention, and improving posture and re-balancing the body and mind. Massage has also been shown to ease heartburn and constipation and stimulate intestinal movement. Massage, while promoting an overall feeling of relaxation, reduces the development of muscle patterning.

A Nashville chiropractor answers frequently asked questions about therapy, as patients like to know what to expect if they’ve never received massage therapy before. Therapy takes place in a comfortable room with a tranquil atmosphere. While it’s recommended that they wear comfortable clothing, patients usually remove most of it in preparation for a massage. Sensitive areas are draped at all times, and privacy is always respected.

Patients and therapists discuss therapy routines so patients know which areas of the body will be touched. A full-body massage includes the head, neck, back, arms, legs, and shoulders. Light oils or lotions are used to hydrate the skin and prevent excessive friction. Massage begins with broad strokes, with pressure gradually increased to target specific areas. Deep tissue massage or trigger-point therapy involves deeper pressure. Some patients may experience tenderness the following day; drinking plenty of fluids after a massage is recommended for optimal comfort. The Nashville chiropractor capitalizes on the body’s ability to heal itself by combining massage therapy and chiropractic.


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