Discover How a Nashville Chiropractor Helps Pain with Acupuncture

Acupuncture is an ancient technique that has been demonstrated to help with chronic pain, weight loss, ear problems, addictions, nausea, digestive problems and female disorders. Although not a magic cure-all, it works very well for those things it works well for. It can work even better when combined with chiropractic care or other therapies.

It works by readjusting the natural flow of energy through the body by applying small (much smaller than hypodermic) needles to specific points on the body. The theory is that this unblocks energy flows and restores balance. It feels great (most people do not feel much or anything when the needles are inserted) and thus reduces stress and improves mood.

Although we do not know why acupuncture works, we do know that it works. Again, it is often best combined with other therapies. Finding a Nashville chiropractor who also offers acupuncture means you can get both of these natural pain relief solutions under one roof without having to search for another therapist. Acupuncturists do a full course of training to do what they do – this is not some “quack” solution that involves somebody sticking needles in you randomly.

If you are experiencing such complaints as chronic headaches or back pain, fibromyalgia, nausea from chemotherapy or menstrual issues, then acupuncture may help you. It is an easy and safe pain solution well worth trying before moving on to drugs or more invasive therapies. Although there are sometimes side effects from acupuncture, a licensed acupuncturist will use sterile, disposable needles to reduce the risk of infection. (Acupuncture is contraindicated during late pregnancy as it can sometimes bring on premature labor).

Contact a qualified acupuncturist, ideally in a chiropractic clinic, to find out what acupuncture and chiropractic care, separately or in combination, can do to help relieve pain and improve your life.


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