Understand the Benefits of Massage Therapy with Nashville Chiropractor

When most of us think of massage we think of something you would do at a spa because it feels good (with, possibly, other implications).

Actual therapeutic massage is something a little more scientific than that. Massage therapy is used to break down scar tissue, ease muscle spasms and, yes, because it feels good – and thus reduces stress and anxiety. Proper therapeutic massage can also help improve your posture, relieve muscle pain and is good for your digestive system. Some forms of massage can also help improve muscle tone, especially in people with conditions that limit exercise.

Massage therapy is generally safe, although some forms of massage are contraindicated during pregnancy or if you have a bleeding disorder. (Although there has been some success with massage therapy to relieve labor pain once labor is in progress). Massage therapists are licensed and trained professionals and this is in no way a “vanity” thing. In fact, many chiropractors also have a massage therapist on staff, as combining chiropractic adjustment and massage therapy into an organized plan of care that allows the two therapies to complement one another for effective relief of pain and the tension which often leads to pain.

More and more people are turning to massage therapy for its many health benefits, and when it is combined with other natural therapies it can be effective for treating pain, injury, anxiety, and stress. Besides, a properly conducted massage really does feel good and improve one’s mental health.

If you have a lot of stress in your life and/or have back pain, then consider contacting a Nashville chiropractor to talk about what massage therapy can do for you, especially when used in conjunction with chiropractic adjustments and overall lifestyle advice to improve your health.



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