Batson Chiropractic Group in Nashville TN, Provides Acupuncture for Pain Relief Solutions

Acupuncture is an ancient technique designed to relieve pain and restore balance to the body, and Batson Chiropractic has the qualified personnel to provide it.

Batson Chiropractic Group is pleased to offer acupuncture as part of their overall personalized plans of care. Acupuncture is an ancient technique that works by restoring the body’s natural energy flow. It is effective for relieving chronic pain and can also be useful for patients with digestive problems, “female issues” and fibromyalgia.

Acupuncture is performed by trained personnel using very small needles that are applied to certain locations, along the “meridians” of energy flow in the body. Although nobody is quite sure how it works, it is very effective and most patients experience rapid relief as well as a state of well being after the 30 minute session. Batson Chiropractic Group uses acupuncture in addition to traditional manipulation to help patients find balance and optimum wellness. They also offer massage therapy.

Although many people are skeptical about acupuncture (it is not a cure-all), the World Health Organization and National Institutes of Health have both declared it safe and effective for certain conditions. Because Batson Chiropractic Group is providing it as part of an overall plan, they will use it only when the patient’s condition indicates it will be useful, unlike a pure acupuncturist, who may try to sell it for any and all problems. Their acupuncturist is properly licensed and well trained, with years of experience.

Patients suffering from certain chronic pain conditions often benefit from acupuncture. They should consider contacting this Nashville chiropractic clinic to find out what acupuncture – or the clinic’s various other services – can do for them. Chiropractic care can help people live a quality, pain free, and active life.

Organization: Batson Chiropractic Group
Address: 2517 Lebanon Pike, Nashville, TN 37214
Contact Telephone Number: (615) 751-0958


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