How Back Pain Sufferers Get Relief with Nashville Chiropractic Office

Back pain? You are not alone – and more and more even mainstream doctors are saying you should go to a Nashville chiropractor for relief.

Chiropractors use one or more of a number of techniques, either manual or using instruments, to help bring the spine back into balance and relieve subluxation – that is to say out of place – vertebrae and bulging discs. These can press on nerves, causing extreme pain that often requires a lot of pills to relieve – those pills then have side effects that can ruin a person’s quality of life. Additionally, some clinics offer spinal decompression therapy – a form of gentle traction that is particularly good for helping herniated or bulging discs, and which often gives better results than surgery with less downtime.

Treatment is always individualized and holistic – a chiropractor will look at the entire body. For example, in some cases, headaches and pain in the extremities can actually indicate a problem in the spine. Chiropractors may also add massage therapy to help retrain the muscles supporting the spine and reduce tension and stress – which can make pain worse and affect overall health.

Chiropractic care is the best way to deal with chronic or acute back pain – which is a leading cause of disability. It can help reduce or eliminate the use of painkillers, get you active again rather than extended periods of bed rest and delay or avoid surgery. Chiropractors are also more likely to understand that your lifestyle and activities are important and help you get back to them rather than telling you to “just rest.”

If you are experiencing back pain, then you should contact a qualified Nashville chiropractic office and find out what they can do to help get you back to a pain free existence.


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