Discover Your Best Health with Nashville Chiropractic Office

We are definitely living in changing times. Just as the times are changing so are our lives. Our choices and lifestyles are so far flung from what they might have been some years ago. There is a Nashville Chiropractor who is leading the pack in state-of-the-art cutting edge therapies. Discover your best health with Chiropractic.

People are finding a new and innovative pathway to wellness in Chiropractic Medicine. The tools and therapies available to today’s chiropractor is amazing to say the least. There are so many choices available to both patient and doctor that are either natural or very close to it. There is also a preventive side to chiropractic in today’s health conscience society.


As with any machine your body operates best when it is finely tuned. In order for one’s body to be fine-tuned and in the optimal working order it must be properly aligned. The human head weighs around ten pounds (10lbs). There is a larger bone at the very top of your cervical spine. This bone is called the atlas. When there is a misalignment at the top bone it can affect the body’s ability to be balanced and function properly. This condition is called the atlas subluxation complex. With the head being off center the body responds in a most negative way. This can negatively you body’s organs and systems and will eventually effect the body’s ability to receive information from the brain and nervous system. The spinal column holds the wiring that runs our entire system. This is why our body needs to stay in tune and in alignment. Periodic visits to your Doctor of Chiropractic will assure that your body stays in balance. We have cutting edge diagnostic tools and knowledge to keep it that way.

More than Diagnostics:

In addition to our state-of-the-art diagnostics we have all the latest therapies available. Below are some of the fine services we offer at Nashville Chiropractic:

  • Brain Core Therapy
  • Massage Therapy
  • Ultra Sound Therapy
  • Bio Feed Back
  • Non-surgical spinal compression therapy
  • Electrical Muscle Stimulation
  • Vibrational Therapy
  • Heat therapy
  • Cold Therapy
  • Heat Massage
  • Ice Massage
  • and many more to treat over 150 conditions and diseases.

In earlier times Chiropractic was used mostly for bone and muscle injuries. Today is much different in that there are hundreds of ailments that are treated by some sort of therapy at your chiropractor’s office, including things like fibromyalgia, panic attacks, traumatic brain injury, autism, learning disorders, chronic pain, ADD/ADHD, anxiety, memory loss, weight loss programs, migraine and tension headaches, PTSD, Asperger’s syndrome, insomnia, and chronic fatigue syndrome.

So chiropractic as we knew it years ago is gone. Chiropractic as we know it today is much more than just bulging disks and sore muscles. It is a multifaceted multi-dynamic cutting edge state-of-the-art discipline that involves the total body, its well-being and it’s healing. Chiropractic has shined the light on a new day in the overall wellness of the human body.

This is not only a wonderful thing for our human body but is quite a coup for humanity in general. We now have options for people who suffer from the more obscure diseases and conditions as well as the more familiar ones. It is our pleasure to serve you and take care of all your wellness needs.


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