How Spinal Decompression Helps Back Pain in Nashville

When we were children, the discs between our vertebrae were filled with water, which allowed our spines to float happily all day and night, cushioned by fluid. Unfortunately, the older we get, that fluid is lost. One result of this loss is that we often become shorter. Another thing that occurs is that our movements become more rickety and more jarring. Add to this natural process our habit of sitting for several hours. Just the act of sitting makes fluid flow out of our discs, and this causes thinner discs in the lumbar area as we age. Every day our activities (too much sitting or slouching, too little activity, and gravity) cause us to lose about 20% of our discal fluid, and that compresses our spines. Everybody goes to bed about 2 inches shorter as a result of disc dehydration, and as we grow older, it gets harder and harder to replace that fluid in our spines.

A Nashville chiropractor can tell you about some of the many benefits of spinal decompression therapy (also known as traction).

Your outer disc wall is composed of a very tough fibrous mesh, which can shorten and lose tractability if it’s not stretched regularly. Chiropractic traction will stretch that very strong disc wall mesh, allowing the discs to take in more fluid. Traction also can help to prevent disc breakdown.

Discs are simply sacks filled with water. If you pull those discs apart, fluid flows back in. (This fluid isn’t just everyday water – It’s filled with a variety of nutrients that are necessary to keep your discs healthy).

A Nashville chiropractor will do spinal decompression therapy with you, and then will show you how to do spinal decompression at home. Many people get relief of spinal nerve pressure by using traction instead of surgery. It’s a little known fact that 40% of patients who decide to get back surgery do not get any relief for their pain, even a year post surgery! Doesn’t it make more sense to try spinal decompression first before going under the knife?

Spinal decompression has been approved for lower back pain by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). It has effectively treated bulging, as well as herniated discs. Patients who may not respond well to this therapy are pregnant women, or people suffering from osteoporosis, nerve problems, or extreme obesity.

Who can benefit the most from spinal decompression therapy? Any patient who suffers neck pain or back pain caused partly or entirely by a damaged disc. Patients can find relief from leg or arm numbness, herniated, bulging or protruding discs, as well as from facet syndrome or spinal stenosis. Treatments are totally painless in the vast majority of cases. Many patients even fall asleep during their sessions!

A Nashville chiropractor will be able to tell you the approximate number of sessions that might be necessary, but it’s important to remember that the number of sessions may vary. An average number of sessions required is about 20.


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