Nashville TN Tension Headaches Find Relief with Chiropractic

Tension headaches, the most common of all headaches, can cause nausea, pain, and irritability. Many people try to resolve their headaches by taking copious amounts of aspirin and acetaminophen. In the long run, constantly relying on aspirin for pain relief can cause stomach inflammation, stomach lining damage, and bleeding ulcers. Too much acetaminophen can cause severe liver damage. Nashville Chiropractic would like to tell you about a more natural treatment for your tension headaches – chiropractic care.

What are some of the benefits of going to a chiropractor for headache relief?

  • A spinal adjustment will relieve the stress of a spine that is misaligned, and at the same time can provide almost instant relief for those headaches that begin in the neck area
  • Using a natural health care treatment is perfectly safe, and leaves little to no undesirable side effects
  • Sometimes tension headaches are caused by a poor diet. Our chiropractor can give you some sound nutritional advice, and in addition suggest that you help to relieve your stress by taking some B vitamins
  • At Nashville Chiropractic, our doctors can explain to you some proper posture techniques, and also talk to you about the usefulness of proper ergonomics in the workplace
  • Our doctor of chiropractic can prescribe muscle strengthening stretches and exercises to help to reduce neck strain and subsequent headaches
  • If you still experience intermittent headaches, get a notebook and start to chart what specific times you experience headaches. Is it brought on by lights, sounds, or certain foods?
  • Don’t sit in the same position for long periods of time. Keep your muscles loose by taking frequent stretch breaks
  • Finally, try to stop clenching your teeth. Our chiropractor can advise you on the best ways to avoid clenching, which is a frequent cause of both headaches as well as TMJ disorders

Batson Chiropractic Group, has 5 doctors with more than 85 years of experience between them, and can help you with your tension headaches. Contact us to schedule an appointment or a consultation. We’re located in the Donelson area of Nashville.


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