Nashville TN Athletic Injury Safety Tips

Over two million teens and children visit the emergency room every year because they were hurt during an organized sporting event. There are some sports that are more dangerous than others. A Nashville chiropractor can offer injury safety tips to keep your child in the game instead of on the side lines.

When a parent knows what harm is common while participating in a sport activity, they can be proactive in protecting their child. The most common sport injuries are strains and sprains. These kinds of injuries are sudden and typically result from some type of trauma, such as colliding with another athlete, twisting, or a fall.

Using proper safety equipment can help lower the chance of injury. It is important that the safety gear fits well to be effective. Used items are not the best choice since they were not purchased specifically for the child receiving them.

Help your child avoid strains and sprains by encouraging them to do a proper warm up and cool down. Kids will prevent harm to joints and muscles by warming up before, and cooling down after any sporting event. In addition, this warm up and cool down practice should be part of every practice session.

Injuries like tendonitis and hairline fractures are also very common among teens and children. Typically, this type of injury is thought to be more an adult injury than an adolescent or child. Overuse can result in injury when a person repeatedly works a particular body part without sufficient recovery time between workouts. This type of harm develops slowly, so injuries are often difficult to identify.

It is recommended that children rest for about 10 uninterrupted weeks from a sport. Kids need to have time off to help prevent overusing muscles and joints and avoid injury. Remember that using the correct safety equipment, warming up and cooling down will also keep your kids safe from overuse, strains, and sprains.

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