Chiropractic Helps Relieve Pinched Nerves In Nashville TN

A pinched nerve indicates it may be due to a joint exerting pressure against one of the sensitive spinal nerve roots. These are located at the spinal cord. From there they transmit nerve signals that facilitate movement to every part of your body. The condition is also called a bulging or herniated disc. As your Nashville chiropractor will explain chiropractic methods of care are available to alleviate the serious to excruciating pain you are feeling.

Your suffering may be due to a tear in the outer wall, called the annulus. It can continue on to the inside of the disc, called the nucleus. The nerve root can be obstructed, referred to as pinched, as it leaves the spine.

A cervical disc, located in the neck, might be herniated from an injury. However, a hernia may also commonly develop spontaneously in those individuals who are in the thirty to fifty year old age group. Since the intervertebral discs in the neck are small, the nerves can be occluded easily.

Pain may radiate down the arm depending on which cervical nerve root is compressed. That is why it is so important to describe all the details of the pain you are experiencing. If the pain is in the arm, the chiropractor will know which of the seven cervical nerve roots is impeded.

Chiropractic care cannot be started until a full evaluation of the clients condition is done. This is accomplished through examination, tests for range of motion and strength and an x-ray. As mentioned above, your responses to all questions is a crucial part of that examination.

When the results indicate a pinched nerve is the cause a care plan can be recommended. There are two levels of adjustments that can be used. Cervical adjustments or cervical mobilization, which gently moves a joint without going beyond a range of motion that is tolerable.

There are additional methods used in conjunction with the adjustments. The possibilities include applications of heat and ice, gentle stretching exercises and massage. Over time, the goal of pain alleviation can be accomplished.

If you are suffering from pinched nerves, consider seeking pain relief today. Visit this qualified Nashville chiropractor‘s clinic now at


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