How To Get Safe Herniated Disc Relief With Chiropractic In Nashville TN

If you have been living with the pain of a herniated disc, you are probably anxious to find a reliable source of relief. While pain pills can numb some portion of this discomfort, they do not make comfortable movement possible. To get this, you will likely need to consult with a trustworthy Nashville chiropractor.

This professional will work to resolve your pain right where it starts. This is done by identifying discs that have moved or been forced out of place. These are known as subluxations and they can result in nerves that are pinched or compressed along with excruciating pain.

Inversion tables are often use to address spinal subluxations in instances in which disc compression exists. These tables lengthen the spine by partially or fully inverting the body. This allows displaced discs to start moving back into position all on their own and without hands-on intervention.

Once the compression and pressure have abated, manual adjustments can be used to finesse the related disc back into its rightful position. These measures slowly correct spinal alignment so that this structure is situated and performing like it should. Small adjustments are made during each visit for gradual improvements and cumulative benefits.

Ultrasound therapies are often employed in instances such as these as well. Ultrasound equipment deeply penetrates the injured area with special, healing sound waves. These sound waves improve local circulation and reduce swelling and pain. They are often capable of providing near-instant relief. Ultrasound therapy is commonly part of comprehensive, multi-pronged therapy plans.

Your provider can also provide massage therapy to promote whole body relaxation and relief. Much of the pain caused by disc compression is the result of extra demands being placed on surrounding muscle groups. Massage can restore a sense of physical balance so that the different parts of the body start to move and function together in a much better fashion.

If you are suffering with herniated disc pain come to your Nashville chiropractor at Batson Chiropractic Group. To learn about our state of the art equipment and technology, visit us on the Web today at


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